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Cycle Stuff
01 s2
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Well, I decided to go WAY OVER THE TOP on the "sport" side of the sport-touring genre. So much so, that this is basically a race bike with lights. This is the Ducati 996... This is the "SuperBike", and the basic reason that we have World Superbike and AMA Superbike racing! When this bike was build Ducati ruled supreme over both. This was bought as my "track-day" bike.
When I went from the Concours to the ST2, I joked that the ST2 felt like a 10-speed bicycle. Well this makes the ST2 feel like a cruiser!

01 s2
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Well, I decided to go even more on the "sport" side of the sport-touring genre. This is the Ducati ST2... It is made in Italy and known as the "Ferrari of motorcycles". I have found it to actually be more comfortable than the Connie was.

87 Concours
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Ever since Kawasaki started making the Concours in 86, I wanted one. This was my '87. The Concours is basically a Ninja 1000 that has shaft drive, a 7.5 gallon fuel tank, detachable luggage, and a larger fairing. I added a Corbin saddle and a SpeedScreen. I recently sold it on e-bay to a gentleman in Salt Lake City.

Honda 350
The bike I learned to ride on. It was a Honda 350 (think it was a '71, but I'm not sure).

'76 Yamaha 650
I traded in my Honda station wagon for this '76 Yamaha 650. It was by far the best way to get around Philadelphia, except when it rained or snowed.