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'73 Opel
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My '73 Opel GT.

'02 Chevy Xtreme
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My new '02 Chevy Xtreme.

'90 4-Runner
My '90 4-Runner was my main means of travel during the winter. It never failed to impress me with what it could handle. I recently sold it when I moved out of the Mountains.

Golf GT
This was my first 'new' car. It was a Golf GT. All the performance of a GTI, but a 4 door.

Saab 900 Turbo
My Saab 900 Turbo (the first year they turbocharged the 900). This was a total blast. I added water injection and re-set the wastegate...It really hauled.

'78 Honda Station Wagon
Bought this '78 Honda Station Wagon for driving around Philadelphia while I was in school. My Opel is under the cover in the background.

'72 Opel GT
My first car, a ' 72 Opel GT. This was while I was doing a lot of road rallying with it (it showed the abuse). I had just painted it this blue, it used to be orange (see photo below).

Three Opels
Mine is the one on the left, then my brother's, and fathers. The all important parts-car is not in the photo. This photo was taken in 1980.